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how could you not fall in love with this boy...my son...

and my wife, is so much more than i deserve...

love, love, love


excited for you!

oh, and I noticed the marker...a Sharpie - brave. way to nurture the creative, servanthood in your child.

hope we'll get to see you before you head out to Georgia!

Zac Freymann

hey gregg this is zac and i found ur myspace site and i love ur song blessed assurance. i even added it to my myspace. comment me whenever.

Aunt Laura

I am so glad that you put pictures on the blog of the boys. I miss them. I wish I could scoop up that beautiful new baby. He looks so tiny. You also inspired me to take more pictures of my kids. I'll have to take a picuture of our new house and send it to you. I love you and miss you much. hope to see you soon.

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