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i feel your pain.

have you ever had your mom say she's going to call you and then doesn't because she read your blog and thought she did? (although now that i think about it, she comments on my boys' blogs) have you ever had friends tell you how nice it is to keep in touch up with you on the blog, not realizing the one sidedness of this kind of relationship?

maybe dumb stuff is just easier to go off the top of our heads about, other more thoughtful articles take time to contemplate.

our readers simply must underestimate the importance of feedback. but then it is us who started the blogs, not them. so, i guess we just keep posting dumb stuff whenever it gets lonely out here!

maybe now i'll go back and comment on your more thoughtful article ... or maybe i'll go contemplate more with intentions of returning to comment. :-)

in the mean time i say, stay the course! keep the faith! keep on truckin! hang in there!...

jenn swift

It's the subscribed readership... regularly heavy blogs get regularly heavy people. Dumb blogs get dumb readers. If you want to be both... though there are those people out there that are... they've often decided they're one thing in the blog world. They've either decided that blogs are for sharing serious and in depth ideas or they've decided that blogs are supposed to just be mental waste product. I rarely write "deep" things because it's the funny things that strike me to enjoy writing about... but because of that, I pretty much have non-in-depth readers because they know what they're coming to get. Not that they're not in-depth peeps, they just don't want to surf blogs and feel weighted down at the end. Those that do... go to those blogs... I've thought about this many times because from time to time it does determine my content. So, this is just my bit on it. I need to go fry my brain some more in front of the TV.

Jeff d

Yeah, sorry, I'm not a big blogger and honestly I'm not regular at checking your's out. I did read your confessions one last time. Was moved, then went on my way. So to comment, I can relate to that story. It's way to easy to slip in the role of victim. What a sad place to visit and stay.
Did I ever tell you about the time, I was probably 6 or 7, and I stole 5 dollars out of the collection plate that was sitting at the back of the church? Not a shining moment for young jeffrey. Maybe I thought the sermon was lame and wanted some money back for my time. Really, it was all about me - 5 bucks could buy a lot of candy! Kinda makes me think this morning... I too can still be real childish. I try not to steal from the church so much these days, but where am i acting like a child?

Greg Herron

hey, bro. I also feel your pain. i think people are so busy building their own blogs, with all that's involved that it's just too time-consuming to spend extra time commenting to others, but...bro I hope we share more and update each other more about our lives since I last saw you...which is another thing I'm having trouble remembering...my memory tells me that i knew you from high school (like football or something), or maybe college too, but please please forgive me for drawing a bit of a blank on this. I do remember you having out with a Jenny girl a lot. Dude, help me out here.

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