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Hey Gregg, I am in a state of mourning over this whole deal. What a sad day, such an influential man with such a huge pedestal. It's too bad that his fall now affects the rest of us in such a bleak way. My heart and thought and prayers for you and your fellow classmates in this difficult time. What a time and privilege for you to be there through all this. As in the book of Esther, who knows if for such a time as this that you have been put in a place of influence.


My heart grieves tremendously.

The moral failings of one man have never cut to me like those of Pastor Ted Haggard. Not because I had him on a pedestal or because I thought him a hero. I grieve over the terrible wake that is left. This is a tremedous blow to the cause of morality in the US.

May his wife and children find comfort under the shadow of God’s wing.

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