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kate zuccarello

i have always felt the same way about that song. and in reading this post, i just had a "light bulb" moment. i have learned that those who aren't free will always despise those who are. i have been on both sides of that. may your prayer be true in me as well.

Juli Reynolds

there is a theme going here in blogosphere for me...
on en gedi i just posted the question "when was the last time you sang at the top of your lungs?" and i have been sitting here for the past hour trying to remember...and then wondering why...

out in the world - outside the christian community i have a much easier time seeing from the tree of life... not as much within "the walls of the church"... why is that?

thanks for this.

i am free!!! to dance...run...live for my King!


Lately I have been swinging more to the life side of the pendulum. A lot more than I have my whole life. When God reveals who a person is in Him and who they are going to be in Him, any earthly crap they do to you - directly or indirectly - isn't given a thought. The flesh is the flesh and always will be until that person is changed by the only one who can do it. And even then don't expect change because God has His own time table! It is an eye opening thing to learn. You also learn more about your self and who you are and where you are at with God.
I would also say that I love the "I am free" song. I know I am not completely free yet, but at least I can dance in church! (A huge change for those that know me)
Gregg, I love you and have been thinking about you!

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