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Jesse Inkseep

I know exactly what you are talking about. Both with blogging deep issues in your life, and also feeling at a dry point in your life.

I absolutely love my new job, and after being here a month I do feel dry. This seems to have started when I started this last semister in college. I just seem so busy, that I’m so tired I don’t care. I don’t have the compassion or patients for people that I used to. I actually feel like I’m standing outside of my body going “What the hell are you doing” while my body is taking acting on something. It can be simple like tuning a friend out while we are talking, but that seems to cut straight to the heart and deaden yourself more than you realize.

The blogging issues thing is a second part. This is actually why I stopped blogging. My family started to read my blog, which I didn’t care, it was actually cool because they saw what was going on in my life. But one Sunday while having dinner with my family, my aunt chewed my out for “saying those things.” It was the blog entry where I talked about growing up without a dad. I had just finished Donald Miller’s new book ‘To Own A Dragon’ and it really tore me up inside. I blogged a little about how it felt to now have a father and it caused a lot of emotional problems later in my life that I didn’t realize I had. I felt a lot better after getting it all off my chest, but my aunt ripped into me saying that I was fine, and that me growing up without a dad wasn’t that bad. She said my uncle and grandpa did a ton for me when I was younger. I told her it wasn’t the same, she said yes it was, and hasn’t really talked to me a whole lot since then.

It’s amazing how people think then can tell you how to feel. I give you props for ‘blogging deep’. It takes a lot to admit where you are in life. Putting out there for ‘everyone’ to read.

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