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Jesse A. Inskeep

Hey… I’m sorry to hear about your losses right now. If you ever want someone to talk to, I can try to help. I’m not usually good at giving advice, but I can listen pretty good, and I usually make people laugh a little with my stupidity. It doses say there is a time to be sad, and a time to be happy; a time to be joyous and a time to grieve. Not in those exact words, but I’m sure you get the point.

Like I said, I’m not good at giving advice, especially to the person who I get advice from, but Christ will be with you. Let it all out at worship tomorrow, and try to let that me your time to get everything out. Let him know exactly how you feel, and pray to be healed.

It seems to help me threw my day at time…

Love ya man… I really do…


"We tend to rely on our own energy, instead of being energized by the power that comes from identification with Jesus." oswald chambers

Steve-o Schram

Hey Gregg,
I was reading Nehmiah the other day wandering what the heck to get out of it, and then it just clicked. there Jeruselum was laid in ruins, rubble, and smoke, and mourning. God took that and restored jeruselum back to normal. So, when life feels like its laid in ruins, and that there is rubble and smoke everywhere, hold fast! God will restore you.
anyways I hope things get better for you,
-Steve-o the Terrible!

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