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Jesse A. Inskeep

definatly one of the worst tattoo designs ive ever seen.... just kidding. It looks pretty cool. the design may be a little to detailed depending on how small you get it. sometimes its hard to put alot od detail on something so small like that, id suggest john at O'tool, if you want im sure i could get you in on Oct. 15th, cuz im gonna have to cancel my appointment I have due to money. :)
let me know


it would actually be about twice this size...to reach all the way around my wrist...however, there is another idea in the works that would involve my left upper arm


like the tat. the advice i gave steve-o, and it is only my opinion, is that a tat is something personal. I would suggest putting it in a place that you can show people after they get to know you.

Unfortunately, in our world people jump to conclusions and especially in our profession. You will thoroughly piss some old lady off because you have that and they see it before getting to know you. But if they know you first, and know your heart, then the tat will be less offensive when you break it out. Again, only my opinion, but i have experienced the situation.


thanks tony...i was thinking about getting it around my wrist because i could wear a watch to cover it when i'm at church, etc...but i'm also thinking about my upper arm...

and yes...it is unfortunate that people jump to conclusions...having long hair and earings has shown me that at least on a small scale, but it's nothing compared to what some other people go through



I don't think you need this on your body. God gave you this shell to do his work not to express your personal feelings or inner turmoils or whatever the case may be... You should make your statement to the World in your actions not your appearance. Like Tony said the World makes judgements based on looks, so if they are too busy looking, they may not hear your message... And, I think you have a message that the youth need to hear.


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