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gregg and cyndo!!
thanks for the shout out friends. i just got back into the states last night, and am struggling a bit with culture shock. i had the privilege of seeing croatia, bosnia, and germany. they were all so beautiful, but i have to say that bosnia is the most beautiful place i have ever been. the whole time, i kept hearing the words of the shema:: "hear, o israel, the lord, god, the lord is one." and it made sense for the first time ever. i had the privilege of watching the one true god love the world. god is one for all the world - the same god that is full of life and love. i realized that our god is such a creative god, that it is worship for me to travel the world and see his many other beautiful creations. being able to live incarnationally among the people that god just loves so immensely is how i find myself best able to worship. sorry these thoughts are so random, but that is how i think with no sleep under my belt. look forward to chatting with you guys and the brennan soon.
love ya hampton fam, kate.


that's awesome kate. i can't wait to hear all about it. when you get some sleep under your belt, that is.

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