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Jesse A. Inskeep

hey i think he did extremely well... what show was he on survivor... i guess i dont pay attention to those shows... watch some law&order... it will change your life!

Susan Anderson

Ditto on the Federov critique. I am still stunned at the loss of Nadia - granted she may have made some bad song selections, but she has great style and the elusive "it" factor. Anthony, on the other hand, could be marketed as the next great laxative.


hey.. how is it going to "save your live" for him to get voted of... your just stupid and u need to grow up and ur about to have a child... everyone has an opinion and theres might be hes the best one! cause he is better than nadia.. with her messed up hair and way better than scott and better than bo he just sounds good cause the back ground music.. not his voice perfect exammple when he sung free bird... yea he is good almost the only good one except vonzell and carie


What's wrong with you, dude?
Do you think if you have your own blog you can humiliate people just like that?
Anthony is the best singer of this year AI, his voice is the clearest high tenor I've heard in a long time, very melodic, lyric and he sings with the deep emotions of a person whose life path was not an easy one and I pitty you for not realize how good Anthony is, you've been missing a lot in your life.
Anthony is also a very attractive, handsome boy with a wonderful character, graceful, brave and modest,and he is the only one there who really deserve to be Ameican Idol. The most inspirational contestant ever at the show.
Next time when you start unjustly attacking an innocent person be careful - sooner or later you'll find nobody listening to you!


the cool thing about the internet is that you can say whatever you want and that you can open a place like this for others to say what they think about what you said...

jessica...i suppose we all need to grow up a little, but we all express ourselves in different ways, and i chose to say what i think the way i did, just like you have an opinion about nadia, scott and bo, i have mine about anthony...i don't dislike him as a person, i just don't think he is as good as the others.

maggie...he is brave, modest, and does seem to have a wonderful character...but my comments and picture are not to humilate...when you put yourself in front of millions, you freely and willingly open yourself to the critique of professional and ameture musicians alike. anthony understands that...his feelings aren't going to be hurt by what i have had to say...actually, he is the one that takes simon's harsh words into account the best...so me saying what i have to say isn't likely going to offend him...also, i think you'll find out that anthony won't be the american idol, maybe in your heart, but not in the end.

feel free to comment more...you are both definately welcome to come back and rip me a new one if anthony wins, it's just not likely.


A married man?, about to have a child? worried about who will win American Idol?.....GET A LIFE! pobresito! i bet you dont have friends either........HAHAHAHA!


i actually do have one friend, but your comment is very enlightening...what am i doing being concerned about american idol when i have a baby coming? you're right. i must have lost it there for a minute...i'm sorry anonymous commenter...you have enlightened me.


I don't apreciate your article. Anthony wasn't in teh bottom 3 because he deserves it. I am so happy he made it as far as he did. (even though I was devastated when was voted off)(I am stil am) I think your article was rude and obnoxious. Anthony Fedorov will be better off than most of the people on this season. )He has already got 4 record offers) Anthony rocks !!!


I agree with Madeline ! Anthony was awesome, can't wait to see him on tour !


it's amazing to me that i'm still getting comments about this post. lol. it's months later, he didn't win, and people still think he was the best. i don't know.


I know I'm late, but I love Anthony, and he blew Carrie at the very least out of the water. He had some bad weeks, but he's got damn good talent. And, unlike certain people, he can sing in more than one genre.

Destiny Peck

I think that Anthony Fedorov is a very good singer and should have been allowed to continue further in the competition. He is very cute!


it amazes me that this is what i have gotten the most posts about. it's ridiculous...just like anthony...lol...haha

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