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Hello, Gregg. I have thought about this issue myself, because I have heard people say they went through something like that as when they were children. My wife and I don't have any kids yet, but when we do I don't think we are going to tell them about Santa Claus, because once they figure out that he really is a fairy tale, they may be inclined to do the same about other things we have taught them.

I see you have a "bun in the oven"; congratulations! Do you know what you will do with regard to Santa Claus?

greggoryjames (bun in the oven)

i definately want my kids to know what christmas is really about, and i want my kids to worship jesus and appreciate him everyday, as well as christmas day. we are currently considering moving out of the area and subsequently away from our families. i think that it will be easier to not deeply initiate our kids into the idea of santa claus if we don't live close to our family. i think this because we have a lot of neices and nephews that already believe in santa clause, and it may be difficult to teach our kids one thing when the kids in the rest of the family believe the other, but that isn't necesarily true, it is just my assumption of the situation. i am pretty sure that cyndi doesn't mind letting the kids believe in santa, and i think that, though i would prefer to not have them believe in him at all, if you do it right and emphasize the gift that jesus is and was, over the idea of santa, you may be able to teach it without it being detremental. i mean, i believe in jesus, that he isn't a fairly tail, but i can also see that i got very selfish come christmas time while growing up. so i guess we haven't made up our minds yet. it might be in the middle somewhere.

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